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Our heated concrete Euro Booths combine form and function with an unmistakable design. The concrete furniture radiates warmth - visually and literally. The temperature is individually controlled and kept stable using a specially developed WI-FI control system. The optimal temperature is roughly 95° with a max temperature of 113 °

Some prejudices are persistent. For example, that concrete is cold and heavy and therefore has no place in furniture construction. But for years, architects, designers and furniture manufacturers have been proving how stylish and homely concrete can be both indoors and outdoors. 

The finished booth consists of two parts: the actual bench and the table, which is equipped with heating and LED. In addition to the seat and back, the table and foot area are also heated. The temperature is controlled and kept stable using a specially developed control system. "The optimal temperature is roughly 95° Fahrenheit," says Managing Director Petar Ivanišević. The foot area also serves as an illuminated advertising space, which the customer can use or rent out himself. And stayconcrete has integrated another feature: The table is cast with a recess for a stainless steel inlay. The inlay is printed with a QR code, which redirects the end customer to a web page for events or the menu.

Whether on the terrace or in the beer garden – or in a restaurant, café, or bar: heated benches offer you many new possibilities. With individual selection of concrete color and the option to obtain your own branding, you will be the perfect host throughout all seasons. And smokers as well (20–30 % of the guests) will enjoy relaxing on a heated seat outside.


Dimensions & Weights:

66.93 x 24.6 x 39.5in. / 992lbs  

170 x 60 x 100cm / 450kg

Materials: High-Performance Concrete

Temperature: 32°-113°, individually infinitely adjustable

Illumination: On back of seat and bottom side of table

Optional: QR-Code in tabletop code

Design: Sacha Lakic


LED (Standard=stayconcrete)

Optional LED (Custom Logo)


Bench Colors: 6 standard shades of gray/white

Optional Colors, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown


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